Youth only can bring change in society by Katari garu

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Sambi Reddy visited to meet LSP young leaders in Nellore

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200 people joined Lok Satta party in Gudur

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Dr. JP addressing government’s failure on Farmer’s Issues in Buchireddypallem

Dr.JP categorically explains how farmers are going into loses with current agricultural policies and governments failure in helping farmers. Also Dr.JP stresses on the significance of the unity of the farmers to meet their demands like reasonable price for paddy and relaxation on restrictions on rice exports etc.

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April 2011 Events and Reports

Preparation for municipal elections

In selected wards of Nellore, a door to door campaign is being carried out for the upcoming elections. The district council had meetings with other municipality teams to prepare them for the elections.

Extensive village level campaign

This program is being discussed with the head office and the plan is to extend the party’s reach grassroot levels, identify the major issues and work with the local teams there. Regarding this the district team had couple of meetings with the representatives from head office. A clear cut plan is being worked out.

Meeting with JP

Narra Sridhar, the District president, met Dr JP in Chennai and discussed about the farmer issues. He advised Dr JP not to take up fasting as a way to put pressure on the Government.

Techno-school issue

Taking advantage of the desire of parents to join their children in a good techno school, many schools in Nellore just went with that concept without registration, infrastructure and required faculty. And were charging huge amounts of fee (like Rs. 40,000 for LKG). Vidyarthi satta took this issue to DEO and Collector, asking for strict action on those schools for not following standards and cheating the innocent parents. Yuva satta team helped Vidyarthi Satta to take this forward.

Welcoming J L Narayana into the party

Losatta welcomed J L Narayana, a reputed real estate business person, into the party. District president Narra Sridhar and district in-charge Nagamani spoke on the occasion and mentioned that politics in India has become a business and how good and kind people stopped coming into politics. They stated Lostatta always welcomes good people with a clean image. J L took party membership on the occasion.

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March 2011 Events and Reports

Meet up with CM on Thermal Power Projects

Loksatta continued its relentless fight on the high number of thermal power projects coming up in the Nellore district which would heighten the pollution levels in the area.  Dr Jaya Prakesh Narayana and district president Narra Sridhar met CM Kiran Kumar Reddy briefing him of the impending grave situation.

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Jan 2011 Events and Reports

District party strengthening efforts

YuvaSatta state president Dasari Ratnam and district president Narra Sridhar addressed district party workers on the activities that need to be taken up to address the daily problems faced by common man that include roads, street lights and various other municipal problems. They also requested party workers to work like soldiers and make efforts towards victory of Lok Satta leaders in the upcoming local body elections.

Continued Fight On Thermal Power Projects

Loksatta worked along with other political parties and formulated strategies on how to raise awareness among people on the impacts of upcoming thermal power projects in the area. They discussed on possibility of taking this to Supreme Court if needed.

Petition to City commissioner on improving municipal services

Party president Narra Sridhar had met city commissioner TSR Anjaneyulu and talked at length on the need for improving municipal services. He highlighted on the increase in the mosquito population and how people are affected by Chicken Guniya and Dengue fever and stressed on the need for improving the city sanitation facilities. Petition was well received by the commissioner.

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